DIY Photo Light Box – a finish fifty project


DIY Photo Light Box Tutorial:

Cardboard box
Tissue paper
Craft knife
Packing tape
White posterboard (should be at least 30% longer than the box length)

Cut off the tops of the box.

Cut out a rectangle 1″ shy of sides on three of the four sides of the box.

Pop out the side

Box should look like this after all three sides are cut.
Piece together tissue paper with packing tape to a size large enough to cover one side of the box.
Attach tissue paper to each open side of the box with packing tape.

It should look like this after you cover all three sides.

Cut white poster board the width of the box.

Place the poster board in the box such that it curves inside the box.

Place object inside box at flat part of cardboard.  Place box in as much light as possible. Take photos.

Cropped with a little brightening and voila!

Here is another side-by-side to compare. Before:

Thank you: flaxandtwine